Mobile Applications


“Unhappy with how your website views in a mobile browser? We can create a mobile version of your website to ensure optimal viewing on a mobile browser.”

Our mobile applications allow viewers visiting your website on their mobile device to easily navigate and locate the information that they are seeking, with optimized formatting.

It is evident that in order to compete in this exceptionally aggressive world of business, we build mobile applications that allow your business to be vibrant and agile at any given point of time.

For ensuring your business future growth to the highest degree and to implement performance and scalability, we provide mobile application development services with a broad measure of control to go with the needs of your organization. We keep our experts up to date with market trends and technology updates.

There are various applications in use these days because of so many different platforms or better known as the operating systems. The platforms that we develop for can be iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows.

Our development process includes:
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Content & Materials Gathering
  • Wire frame Creation
  • Application Design
  • Development & Integration
  • Project Sign-off, Launch, & Marketing
  • Application Migration
  • Vigorous Testing (We literally try to break the App)
  • Submitting the App to the Marketplace
  • Marketing
  • Updates & Maintenance
Interesting Statistics about Mobile Application:
  • In Q1 2012, users logged an average of 24 minutes per day using social apps (on phone), with 24 minutes being spent on gaming apps

  • There were around 100 billion Smartphone application sessions during Q1 2012

  • Users log an average of 77 minutes per day using apps on their Smartphone

  • The number of Smartphone shipments is expected to be almost one billion in 2015

  • This billion will be dominated by Apple, Google and Microsoft, who will enjoy 90% of market share with their respective platforms

  • In December 2011 the Android Market surpassed 400,000 app mark, doubling the number of available applications only in 8 months

  • Smartphone sales (globally) are expected to increase by 25% from 472 million in 2011 to 630 million in 2012

  • Mobile apps will grow from a $6billion industry today to $55.7billion industry by 2015