How to make a website SEO friendly

If your website is more attractive and professional design but that site are not ranking well in Google, It may be tough to generate potential customer for your business on the Internet.

The website is the inter medium to build a relationship for business owner and customer. It is the key medium to reach your potential customers. Therefore, you have to be planning to create your online presence, especially for your website layout and content optimization. Here listed 5 tips for designing an SEO friendly website.

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Quality Content:

Write unique and quality content of each page. The search engine crawls through your website and giving more importance to the quality content. Google ranking websites having quality content and higher than the other websites.

Keyword Rich URLs:

Keep your URL as your content relevant keyword means search engines can quickly analyze what a page is about. See some example of relevant keyword and irrelevant keyword URL.

Relevant Keyword URL
Irrelevant keyword URL

Optimize Images:

How much importance you have to give content optimization gives the equal importance for image optimization. Image optimization generates a lot of traffic. You follow these three best practices for image optimization.

  • Use alt text for every image. Search engine spiders can easily understand images with alt text.

  • Reduce image file size. The large file size image takes more page loading time so make the image size as small as possible.

  • Use file name for every image it will help to find whether your image is searched on google or not.

  • Example: “web-design-for-business.jpg” it is going to be more successful as “123.jpg”.

Use Meta Tags:

In olden days use keywords in meta tags and easy to get better search results. Recently Google has been strict about the keyword abuse method. If you use the keyword meta tag on your website, it is not considered on Google because the search engine crawl does not consider keyword meta tag .

Meta description is more important to get lots of visitors from search engines . The search engine has been only displaying on website title and description in search result page. So the meta description is important to get more traffic. You attract in your short and sweet description in meta tag about that page . If you did not write meta description Google could display some other text from the web page.

Write Clean Title:

People search more results on search engine and use keyword for every search. In on result page the people first see on the title it is related to our entered keyword after they enter. So the title is clean and descriptive the eye-catching title increases the traffic to your website.

Use Primary Keyword – Secondary keyword | Brand Name
Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword