Best Search Engine Optimization Strategies- 2013

In earlier days, search engine optimization initially runs upon optimizing websites for search engines. The search engine spider to ‘crawl’ or read the backend code of websites. The search engine spider travels from page to page by way of links. The crawlers to recognize the keyword if you had more of them than the other you got rank higher. But nowadays search engine optimization shifts to optimizing content for users.

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High quality content is the new SEO
  • Information in your site should be fresh, unique and simple. so, avoid repeating the content from other sites. If you are providing quality content some of the questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you offer a reason for the visitor to spend there more than a few minutes reading your pages?

  • Do you provide real worth, something of substance to people, that is unique, helpful which they won’t find elsewhere?

  • Quality content should generate the interaction with users. Search engines may watch the user engagement via bounce rate for your website. There are two types of bounce rate that is actual bounce rate and standard bounce rate.

  • Actual bounce rate occurs when someone chooses your site from a search results page and immediately clicks back to the results. Standard Bounce Rate occurs when someone clicks on your site and spends some time reading the content before clicking back to the results.

  • So the high quality content can improve user engagement and improve search engine ranking.

  • The below infographic is to explain the new best search engine optimization strategies should follow and what should be avoided?

  • Best search engine optimization strategies 2013